French official wants rare Pokemon out of every school in the country

But only the rare ones, perplexingly.

Pokemon Go continues to enjoy plenty of worldwide enthusiasm, and as a result more and more places are requesting that developer Niantic shut off the game's features in designated areas. The company has already turned certain memorial sites and museums into Pokemon dead zones, but why stop there?

French education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem wants the game to remove Pokemon from every school in the country -- or at least the rare ones. The primary cited concern is apparently safety: Vallaud-Belkacem believes rare Pokemon spawning on school grounds will entice non-students to trespass. Presumably she means adult non-students, not kids ditching school to attend other school, and looked at from that perspective, it's kind of a reasonable-sounding request: these days, we're increasingly suspicious of adults hanging around places where kids gather, especially if they're someone other than a parent or teacher. France is also still in an official state of emergency following on two recent terrorist attacks, meaning there are a lot of politicians itching to clamp down on things in the name of safety (whether or not they'd be particularly effective).

But what about the schooldchildren who are supposed to be there and want to catch a Snorlax at recess? (Do French schoolchildren have recess?) And why does Vallaud-Belkacem believe just removing the rare monsters will be sufficient?

The education minister is not the first French official to request removal from Pokemon Go. A mayor of a small town in eastern France also issued a decree banning the game from its grounds, claiming it was "contagious." But every school in a major country seems like a big ask, and while Vallaud-Belkacem has announced she "intends to speak with representatives" from Niantic about this request, she hasn't yet met with them, nor has Niantic responded publicly to the news.

Top image: Jason Henry, New York Times.

(h/t Seattle Times, AP.)