Overland enters open First Access tomorrow

August 29, 2016 by Kris Ligman


Overland's been generating plenty of buzz for a while now, and for good reason -- it's a fantastic blend of several tried-and-true genres with a unique aesthetic and sensibility. A post-apocalyptic, isometric strategy game that is one part Oregon Trail, two parts XCOM, and seventeen parts flannel, it was among my favorites at E3 this past June, where it was on display at the IndieCade Showcase.

While Overland has been available in limited quantities through itch.io's Refinery program, as of tomorrow it will be in open First Access for all comers, meaning anyone can buy it. The game is still in progress -- just as you'd expect out of an Early Access game on Steam, to which itch.io's First Access is analogous -- but is far enough along development-wise that you can get the gist of how it plays. There are dogs, for example.

Tomorrow's open First Access also coincides with a version update, which tweaks the UI, adds trading between party members and (most critically of all) lets your dogs wear backpacks. There's also Twitch integration, and the ability to name party members after your Twitch chat audience. So if you ever enjoyed naming your XCOM squaddies after your buddies and livetweeting their gruesome deaths, now Overland is here to streamline that process. (Get it? Stream? ...Look, it's late over here.)

Starting at 10 AM Eastern time tomorrow (8/30/2016), interested players can head on over to Overland's website/itch.io storefront and pick up the game for Windows PC, Linux, or Mac for $20. And hey, swing by the Finji team store page and pick up a Pupcar shirt, while you're at it. It's adorable!