Detective Pikachu movie taps Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity Falls writers for screenplay

Let's consult the Pokedex, Mabel!

Variety reports that Hollywood screenwriter Nicole Perlman and Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch are in talks with Legendary Pictures to develop the screenplay for the upcoming live-action Pokemon film, based on Great Detective Pikachu.

Nicole Perlman is best known as co-writer on one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's quirkier (and demographic-spanning) entries, Guardians of the Galaxy, and is currently co-writing the hotly-anticipated Captain Marvel film with Meg LeFauve (Inside Out). Meanwhile, Alex Hirsch serves as director, writer, storyboard artist, and voice actor for Gravity Falls, a Twin Peaks-inspired supernatural mystery cartoon series with a cult fan following.

Both Perlman and Hirsch have plenty of fans among animation and comic book fans, both kids and adults, and Perlman in particular has a proven box office and critical success to her name. So having these two aboard as the lead writers bodes well for a Detective Pikachu film, which will need to similarly appeal across age groups and retain that quirky, genre-bending sci-fantasy vibe of the Pokemon canon.

Also, Rocket Raccoon's Bradley Cooper as Pikachu? If the studio can't get Robert DeNiro, I can definitely settle for that.

(h/t Variety.)