Overwatch's newest battleground is a fairy tale castle

August 16, 2016 by Kris Ligman

Quick, where's Mei's Elsa costume?

Blizzard has unveiled its latest all-new map for Overwatch: the German castle of Eichenwalde, with village streets, castle ramparts and royal throne rooms ready to be shot up with reckless abandon.

Eichenwalde (literally "oaken woods") is said to have some connection with Bastion and may be its place of origin. In the teaser trailer above, you can also catch a glimpse of Balderich von Alder, leader of a group of Crusaders from the [INSERT DENSE OVERWATCH LORE HERE]. More importantly, it totally looks like a suit of armor for Reinhardt, right? Yeah, that's probably gonna happen.

An assault/escort hybrid map, Eichenwalde is currently playable at the Gamescom conference taking place right now in Cologne. We can probably expect to see it added to the live game very soon as well!

And speaking of Bastion... it looks like we'll be getting a new animated short featuring the plucky transforming turret this Thursday. Stay tuned.