Latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer introduces adversaries Team Skull

More new monsters and Alolan forms revealed as well.

Following some premature leaks, Pokemon Sun and Moon has dropped its latest trailer a bit early! In the above video we get a close-up look at new baddies Team Skull, as well as three all-new Pokemon and three regional variants of first-generation 'mons Marowak, Meowth, and Raichu.

Sunabaa (top) and its evolution Shirodesuna. Via @sue_scyther. Sunabaa (top) and its evolution Shirodesuna. Via @sue_scyther.

As for the new arrivals, we have Wishiwashi, a fish Pokemon which can summon a school of its brethren to attack en masse; Pyukumuku, which seems to be based on nudibranches and sea cucumbers; and Morelull, a collection of mushrooms. 

There are a few additional Pokes spotted outside the official trailer, including my personal favorites, Sunabaa and Shirodesuna (left; English names not yet announced), who are literally haunted sandcastle Pokemon. It seems we wrote that Sun/Moon Pokemon ranked by ridiculousness article too early.

I'm super charmed by the whole 'look' behind Pokemon Sun and Moon, with its strong emphasis on water- and beach-themed monsters, together with the coastal urban youth vibe of Team Skull. They love black, and skulls, and slang, and trashing things up for the heck of it. They'd fit right in with the script kiddie haxx0rs from Watch Dogs 2. It also appears there's some bad blood between Team Skull leader Guzma and this edition's Pokemon Professor, Kukai, which will probably end up propelling what passes for a central storyline in these titles.

I'm gonna address the elephant in the room, though: Team Skull seems awfully... light-skinned, for a gang very explicitly evoking style trends from black and Latino youth. There's second-in-command Plumeria, who looks seriously amazing, but let's be honest: Pokemon has been kind of weird about race stuff in the past, so I'm just holding out hope that the full cast ends up a lot more diverse than what we've seen so far.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are due out on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS.