Can't wait for No Man's Sky? You can stream the soundtrack for free

August 4, 2016 by Kris Ligman

No Man's Sky may be five days from release on PlayStation 4 -- and a few days longer on PC -- but you can already listen to all its cool sounds.

No Man's Sky may either turn out to be The Best Game Ever Made or a teachable moment in fan hype when it releases in a matter of days, at which point the universe is very likely to explode, no matter what. This is the only possible outcome.

But if you're dying of thirst for that dude-devoid sky, there's another way to tide you over till release day: the official soundtrack, which you can listen to for free in the video above.

Keep in mind, this is a straight run-through of the game's main tracks, not the album itself -- that releases tomorrow, on August 5th. No Man's Sky's music is composed by British post-rock group 65daysofstatic, and is intended to be adaptive based on the player's environment, comparable to, say, flOw or Proteus. The album contains 10 tracks as well as six ambient soundscapes, the latter of which are exclusive to the album's full release under Laced Records. You can buy it here, by the way. Or preorder the vinyl edition on iam8bit here.

No Man's Sky is out on PlayStation 4 on August 9th and on Windows PC worldwide on August 12th.