Modder turns Dark Souls III into crustacean hell

Some mods don't serve any purpose except to give you nightmares.

So, Dark Souls III has been out for a while, and as with any game with a thriving PC fanbase, the downloadable mods are starting to get pretty... creative.

As an experiment -- or part of an evil scheme the true scope of which we don't yet know -- YouTuber Limit Breaker used the iGP11 mod in order to replace all the textures (any surface in the game that isn't a flat polygon) with pictures of a crab. Just... an ordinary, boiled crab, the kind you crack open to eat. The crab picture Limit Breaker uses is transparent, so it created some interesting effects, like a crab-shaped cape... and crab-shaped clouds... and crab-shaped fire... Just, an unending hellscape of crabs, is what I'm saying.

It even turns a giant crab enemy into a giant crab COVERED IN CRABS.

You can watch the video for yourself up above, and if you're interested in modding other ridiculous pictures into Dark Souls III, you can check out S17L's iGP11 mod for yourself over on Nexus Mods.

(h/t Eurogamer.)