Overwatch players on PS4 are falling prey to a mysterious bug

July 19, 2016 by Kris Ligman

While Blizzard says the root issue has been fixed, many players are still missing levels and unlocked costumes. UPDATE 7/20: Blizzard says it has restored affected accounts, costumes are not lost.

Overwatch players on PlayStation 4 have run afoul of a bug which can revert or even reset their accounts, costing them experience points, levels, competitive ranking, and unlockable rewards including alternate character costumes.

Blizzard was quick to acknowledge initial reports of the bug more than a week ago, and since then has stated it has patched the bug which led to these issues. Unfortunately, this doesn't do much to help the players already suffering from lost data, who say they have seen no progress on restoring their accounts in the week since the problem first arose. Blizzard's relative silence on the matter hasn't helped things.

"The root cause, the initial problem that started this, has indeed been resolved," Blizzard community representative Xulkayci told players on Battle.net's European forums. "Players that did lose progress, that is what’s still being looked into by the Developers (sic), and as of right now there’s no new update to offer, sadly."

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 players are still reporting lost progression and items, although as VG247 notes, it's unclear whether these are new instances, or the same accounts affected from before the bug was quashed. We'll keep you updated with any developments from Blizzard!

(h/t VG247.)

UPDATE 7/20/2016: Blizzard announces it has restored all affected accounts, and that unlocked alternate costumes have not been lost, but may be unviewable in the Hero Gallery due to a separate bug.