A year after its Japanese release, Mobius Final Fantasy is finally headed West

Square Enix's effort to bring current-gen cinematics to its mobile line-up saw a lukewarm response when it first launched in 2015.

I always forget about Mobius Final Fantasy (previously Mevius) until I see a picture of its protagonist and go "ohh, the guy with the skimpy outfit." It was so skimpy it apparently made other dudes uncomfortable, so they covered him up! Somehow you don't hear a lot about this one when we talk about so-called "videogame censorship." Wonder why.

Anyway, Mobius Final Fantasy (so named because it's a mobile game, get it?) saw praise for its high-end graphics when it released in Japan last year, but critics have called the combat a little simple. Nevertheless, it saw around two million users in its first few weeks on the charts, and a little more than a year on, we're finally seeing its release outside Japan. It will launch August 3rd on iOS and Android smartdevices.

In honor of this international release, Square Enix has rolled out a new, English-dubbed trailer (above). I'd call the story "rehash," but considering many of Square Enix's Final Fantasy mobile titles are quite literally ports of older games, I'll take Mobius Final Fantasy's decision to lean hard on series tropes if it means there's a nominally original narrative in there.

Also, notice that the game couldn't resist posing its hero, Wol, with a butt shot for the title image? Square Enix is just not giving up on its sexy dudes, bless 'em.