Cute pets of the internet react to Pokemon Go

Wherein real life animals are SO NOT IMPRESSED with their virtual counterparts.

Pokemon Go is everywhere -- in your local park, at that bar down the street, in your bathroom, and er, between the sheets. And it seems like everyone is playing it -- here in Brooklyn, I've hung out with gaggles of eager Pokemon catchers at all hours.

But you know what the very best part of Pokemon Go is? The photo ops. The fact that you can snap a quick picture of Pidgey hanging out on your john, or Charmander rudely getting its little feet all over your bed. The only thing that's better? The reactions of pets to humans getting REALLY EXCITED about cute animals that aren't even there, silly human. Here are a few of my favorite pets and Pokemon snaps.

So, a lot of the time, the pets in question are totally nonchalant about the fact that there's a tiny, colorful monster in their midst. Take my kitten, Finn, for example. Finn reacts to most tiny, furry things with a deadliness that is terrifying for what is otherwise 8 pounds of sassy fluff and cuteness. But stick a Krabby next to her, and she's all like "hmmm, I guess my ear itches." Then she just walked away, without even TRYING to kill it.

Likewise, Twitter user @_griffy_'s cat was just NOT IMPRESSED by the Rattata hanging out on their blanket.

@TimONeil's little dog looks like it didn't even NOTICE that Evee, just standing there by the grass.

@Fishlifter has a very beautiful dog. A dog that is completely uninterested in Pidgy, Weedle and Evee.

But sometimes, the stars (er, algorithms) align so perfectly that a rogue Pokemon finds itself in just the right place. Like, on top of @OVRNRD's kitty. Just chillin'.

To be honest, that cat looks a little defeated. Maybe it knows, somehow, that a really weird doduo has claimed it as penance for all the real-life birds that they dream about hunting all day.

@kiimpulsively's dog is staring a very pissed-off looking Pidgy in its cold, cruel eyes. Dude, that is a bird I do NOT want to mess with.

@Boots_33's pup is clearly getting poked (pokéd?) in the eye by an attacking Ratatat!

Finally, my puppy Drake decided to make friends -- maybe hats? -- with a wild Zubat.

He also found a Spearow in the dog run near my apartment. I like to think that it's the evil eye of this wily monster that encouraged him to start shit with these other dogs.