New World of Warcraft animated series Harbingers will debut at San Diego Comic Con

First episode screening during Thursday Warcraft panel with guests, Q&A.

It's a good time to be Blizzard, what with the Warcraft movie selling like hotcakes in China, Overwatch ousting League of Legends as the top net cafe game in Korea, and World of Warcraft still branching out into new areas in the game and elsewhere. The latest of these is Harbingers, a new World of Warcraft: Legion animated series oriented around the followers of the Illidan Stormrage.

The first episode of this new series will debut during the World of Warcraft: Road to Legion panel at San Diego Comic Con on July 21st. The panel will also feature Q&A with top narrative designer Dave Kosak, story director James Waugh, and more.

Even if you're not waist-deep in WoW lore yourself, you have to admit the art is stunning! Head on over to our sister site Wowhead for more details, including the new teaser trailer.