Own BioShock or BioShock 2 on Steam? You're getting a free 'remastered' edition in September

As part of 2K's new BioShock collection, PC players of the first two games are entitled to a free upgrade.

Publisher 2K is bringing together the three installments of the BioShock series -- BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, as well as all single-player addons including "Minerva's Den" and "Burial at Sea" -- into a new collected edition, due out September 13th, 2016. You can see the announcement trailer up above, but for BioShock players who already own one or more of the games (which, let's face it, is probably most of us), there are some additional perks rolling out alongside it.

Steam users who own the original BioShock, BioShock 2, and "Minerva's Den" will be able to upgrade their games to the remastered edition, free of charge. Leading up the remasters is Blind Squirrel Entertainment, which previously collaborated with 2K-published titles including BioShock Infinite and XCOM, and thus should be well-equipped to give Irrational's games a good coat of polish.

For those who wish to pony up the $59.99 for The Collection, you're getting more than just the games and DLC. The set also comes packed in with bonus features, like a "never-before-seen" video series interviewing series director Ken "both sides are bad" Levine. There's also the "Museum of Orphaned Concepts," a 3D gallery of unused prototypes which was previously available only in BioShock's Ultimate Rapture Edition. (Can you tell publishers like putting out rereleases like this?)

Anyway, it's good of 2K to offer the remasters to existing customers gratis. Not sure if it's in keeping with Rapture's Objectivist philosophies, but we saw how well those turned out anyway (don't @ me about this).