Read Only Memories is getting pretty serious voiceover talent for its PS4 launch

29 voice-actors will cover the 'vast majority' of written content in the game

2064: Read Only Memories is a point-and-click adventure game set in a futuristic San Francisco. In this story, California’s weirdest, tech-lovingest city has become a cyberpunk town full of robots, genetically-modified humans, and deadly conspiracies. The player guides their protagonist through a mystery involving a missing friend and a sentient robot buddy named Turing. The game earned a lot of attention at launch for taking really serious effort to represent characters from a variety of backgrounds and identities.

It’s been available for PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS so far, but on August 16th, it’s getting a port to PS4 and Vita.  Actually, the new version is much more substantial than a port: it’s getting animation and story changes and, most impressively, a voiceover cast of 29 people, including a few personalities who seem like a pretty good catch for an indie game of this size. According to Midboss, the developers, the “vast majority” of the text in the game will now enjoy voiceover. The cast includes:

  • Giant Bomb’s Dan Rykert, the man responsible for this cruelty
  • Melissa Hutchinson, who played Clemintine in S2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead
  • Sarah Elmaleh, the actress who played Katie in Gone Home
  • Games critic and Youtube-man Jim Sterling
  • Developer Zoe Quinn
  • An actual professional wrestler, Xavier Woods

You can see an example of the new voice acting here:

Since the game addresses a bunch of complex and sensitive topics, including race, sexuality, and other issues that are pretty dang present in our national conversation today, the Midboss team tried to pick voice actors who were actually representative of the races and sexualities of the characters they play. This is pretty cool-- a lot of the game developers I follow online have been talking recently about how voice acting gigs for diverse characters tend to go to pretty mainstream white performers. It’s interesting to see that a smaller studio like Midboss was able to buck that trend even though they probably don’t have access to the same gigantic pile of resources that most triple-A studios do.

The new version of the game is also getting some updated puzzles, though the information we have doesn’t say which ones or how they’re being changed. (The press release I have here additionally promises “more intruige,” which is something I can always do with more of.)

Read Only Memories is coming out on August 16 for PS4 and Vita at $19.99.