Here's not one, but TWO new NieR: Automata trailers

And yes, the music is still great.

E3 was a flurry of information overload last week, so you may've missed that Platinum dropped two new trailers for its upcoming NieR: Automata, sequel to the critically-acclaimed 2010 game with a soundtrack so good, it has its own Wikipedia page.

The first of these trailers, shown above, is a quick-and-dirty story trailer laying out NieR's premise and setting. Below, we get an in-depth look at one of Automata's boss battles, which will make you a believer in third-person action-RPG bullet hell (a trifecta of such reflexive videogame jargon that this sentence will be absolutely gibberish to any post-apocalyptic alien researchers). But, anyway, the gameplay trailer also provides us with an extended listen to the fantastic music accompanying the game, a treat in itself. And yes, that's Keiichi Okabe you're hearing, the same composer as the first game.

I never played the original NieR, but I am obsessed with its soundtrack (in case you couldn't tell). Whether or not that obsession translates into a purchase for other people, this is definitely one idiosyncratic Japanese game to look forward to in the coming months!

NieR: Automata is due out "early 2017" for Sony's PlayStation 4.