Death Stranding will be an action game, not horror

June 17, 2016 by Kris Ligman

Those hoping for a revival of Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills project will have to wait a little longer.

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding trailer was suitably weird -- but it didn't show a single frame of actual gameplay. Some believed that Norman Reedus's appearance was a hint this was a continuation of P.T. and Silent Hills, in which Reedus was expected to star. But according to a new interview with Digital Spy, Death Stranding won't be horror.

"It will be an action game if you really want to put a genre on it," says Kojima. "When I made Metal Gear, it was an action game but it was different because the main thing was about hiding. People eventually ended up calling that 'stealth action'. In this game the player will be controlling Norman [Reedus's character] but by playing it they will find something different, something that won't fit in established terms."

While that's something of a disappointment for those hoping Death Stranding was Silent Hills with the serial numbers filed off (I admit to being one of them), there's reason to remain optimistic: Kojima's last spin on the action game created an all-new genre, and it sounds like that's what he's planning to do again. Will his next project, unfettered by franchise pressures from Konami, deliver that level of innovation? We won't know for a while, as Death Stranding has only just entered development, but given that the reveal trailer was created in-house using the game's real-time engine -- "we made this teaser ourselves, so people can trust us" -- we know that the all-new Kojima Productions is working with some great tech, at least.

(h/t VG247.)