Resident Evil VII's demo is distinct from the game, a la P.T.

Let's hope it doesn't also vanish like P.T. did.

When Capcom rolled out its first-person Resident Evil VII trailer during Sony's press conference this week, many assumed it was actually Hideo Kojima's P.T. follow-up -- it wasn't; that ended up being much weirder -- but this new spin on Capcom's rival survival horror franchise nevertheless seems to have lit a fire in players, who've glommed onto the fresh tone and branching demo, with its multiple endings and easter eggs.

As it turns out, Resident Evil VII is taking yet another page from Kojima, by making its demo a standalone story separate from the main game. Capcom confirmed to Eurogamer that the full REVII will feature a different protagonist and storyline when it launches in January 2017.

While the game is multiplatform, with releases set for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Resident Evil VII will also integrate with Sony's PlayStation VR headset. Because if there is anything 2spoopier than P.T., it's P.T. in virtual reality.

Above: Resident Evil VII's official reveal trailer. Below: Eurogamer's compilation of the demo's multiple endings and other secrets. Spoilers, obviously!