Detroit: Become Human is David Cage's new choose-em-up

Pursue other robots with your cold and heartless robot-detective-brain. Probably also experience Moral Quandaries!

In a plot that seems to have nothing to do with actual Detroit or many of its real problems, the Quantic Dream game Detroit: Become Human will see players in the role of Connor, an android who works on the side of the law to solve cases involving other androids. Perhaps, he will… become human?? Or perhaps he will deal with sci-fi plots and themes surrounding robots' desire to… becoming human??? I don't know! Perhaps! It's very likely!

In the gameplay trailer that aired during Sony's press conference-- linked above-- this game seems to be an incredibly bright, glossy, face-capped-to-high-heaven narrative experience that seems to revive a lot of the features present in Quantic Dream head David Cage's earlier game Heavy Rain, which saw you hunting down a child-killer. Like in Heavy Rain, you'll spend time solving cases; situations will have a large number of possible resolutions depending on your choices during conversations and the clues you uncover while exploring crime scenes.

Kara, the character narrating the game's first trailer, is apparently still around-- she's another playable character in the game. I assume that she and Conor contrast with one another. Playstation describes him as an advanced model who is 'cold and analytical,' while Kara is supposed to be an android with 'real emotions.' Like in Heavy Rain, characters will be able to die during the course of the adventure, and the story will continue without them.

Like other Quantic Dream games, Detroit: Become Human is likely to be a game aimed at mature adults. It is rated PEGI 18. It doesn't currently have a release date.