Days Gone by Bend Studios is a new biker zombie game for PS4

June 13, 2016 by Laura Michet

Shootin' zombs in the Pacific Northwest with your man Deacon St. John.

When I saw the trailer I was absolutely certain that we were looking at a new The Last of Us, but we're not -- Days Gone is a new IP for Sony. Set in an open-world Pacific Northwest environment, you play a biker struggling to survive out in the wilderness two years after a zombie apocalypse.

During the press conference, we saw to different videos about this game: a story-focused trailer where the biker -- named Deacon St John -- reminisced about the titular days gone, when his partner was still alive and zombies were not a major issue. The conference then closed out with a longer gameplay clip where this protagonist pursued a human enemy across the roof of a rusted-out industrial location, only to discover a gigantic pack of zombies which then chased him all over the place. At the end of the clip, it looks like he's shot all the zombs… BUT HE HASN'T! They are still pursuing him! Pretty bleak, right?

If any of this footage reminds you of The Last of Us, too, you're not alone -- during the press conference, everyone on Twitter pretty much assumed we were looking at The Last of Us, or at least The Last of Them, or something. But Days Gone isn't a Naughty Dog game. It's being developed by Bend Studios, the developers who made the Uncharted: Golden Abyss game for PS Vita. It doesn't surprise me that the developer has worked with Naughty Dog before, since the project drips with the kind of "hey, you like this guy? We made you like this character? Well, we're gonna MESS HIM UP with some EMOTIONAL SITUATIONS!" storytelling technique that Naughty Dog uses so much and so well.

On the other hand, the gameplay looks to be a lot more focused on regular old gun gameplay than TLOU was -- Deacon St. John mows down probably like a hundred zombies with a machine gun during the gameplay video. I gotta say, the ragdolling on the dead zombies, while gruesome, demonstrates an of above-average ragdoll expertise. They're really good dead guys, basically.

There is no announced release date for Days Gone.