Stardew Valley is coming to PS4, XBox One, and Wii U

Mac and Linux ports are also still on the way.

Stardew Valley has been the big breakout indie hit of the last six months. It's a Harvest Moon that understands why Harvest Moon is great probably better than Harvest Moon does; it's got an adorable goddamn community, and it's coming to consoles later this year.

Stardew Valley will hit Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. The ports come to us courtesy of Chucklefish -- a developer/publisher responsible for two of my 2014 favorites, Starbound and Risk of Rain -- and Sickhead Games, which I've never heard of before but which apparently was responsible for the Apotheon and Towerfall console ports. Seems like Stardew Valley is in good hands!

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone says that the Wii U's second screen will be utilized, and that the console ports should all have better controller compatibility than the current PC version, which is "far from ideal." Mac and Linux versions of the game "should be ready very soon," too.

Congrats to Barone and all involved -- Stardew Valley is adorable as heck, and all sorts of new fans are likely to come its way once the game hits console!