Everything you need to know about Watch_Dogs 2

First leaked weeks ago and officially debuted this morning, the sequel to Ubisoft's lukewarm hacker thriller is looking to improve on its predecessor.

The original Watch_Dogs was -- let's face it -- a bit of a let-down. It paired a handful of interesting mechanics with a rote save-the-girl premise and a lot of its generic dude protagonist staring absently at his smartphone. The good news is that with a bar set that low, the only place for Watch_Dogs 2 to go is up: Ubisoft has switched the setting from Chicago to San Francisco, introduced new and vibrant characters, and altogether is hammering enthusiastically on its Anonymous/Occupy Wall Street inspirations. But will it end up saying anything of note?

We'll find out one way or another on November 15th. Till then, here's a quick bulleted rundown of all the need-to-know about the game that's filling up your Twitter timeline today.

  • Releasing simultaneously on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
  • Preordering entitles you to a special Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer themed DLC mission.
  • Set in near-future San Francisco, players assume the role of Marcus, a young black man from Oakland. After being framed for a crime, Marcus falls in with the local chapter of DedSec, the same hacktivist collective featured in the first game, to fight a corrupt system.
  • It's channeling Cory Doctorow's Little Brother so hard I hope he's getting royalties.
  • Hacking abilities from the first game return in expanded form, with players able to take over not just phones and computers but smart cars, drones, and it sounds like a lot else besides.
  • Ubisoft claims driving has been improved.
  • Gameplay places a further emphasis on non-lethal and stealth solutions. Ubisoft says it's possible to complete an entire no-kill run.
  • There are dogs, and you can pet them.


We're bound to see more during Ubisoft's press conference next week at E3!