You can now enjoy the wonderful world of Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One

Making the Wasteland a little weirder.

One of the great advantages to playing Bethesda games on PC is the ability to mod the living hell out of them: better menu layouts, prettier environment textures, replacing Dogmeat with a woofing cat... it is what computers were always meant to do.

Well, now Fallout 4 fans on Xbox One are able to enjoy those same benefits: a new update rolled out today adds mod support to the Xbox One version of the game, and nearly 900 mods from its in-game mods database have already been approved for console use. Players to install and run the mods will create a separate, modded save distinct from their vanilla save file, to minimize the chance of file corruption.

Not every conceivable mod you might find on the web will run on Fallout 4's console versions, of course. Bethesda says it is blocking mods containing nudity and any intellectual properties it doesn't have the rights to, so players hoping to run around nude in a 1:1 recreation of Ponyville will have to do so from the privacy of their own PCs. Also, using any of these mods -- even the aesthetic ones -- apparently disables achievements as long as they're active. Which, I don't know about you, I would consider an additional positive to the whole situation.

Mod support will also arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime in June, likely with similar restrictions. In the meantime, once Bethesda's site is working properly again, Xbox One players may want to go have a look at some of the shiny new mods on offer.

(h/t Ars Technica.)