Miitomo isn't doing so hot these days

May 27, 2016 by Kris Ligman

New data suggests that Nintendo's two-months-old social app is already struggling to hold people's interest.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a data analytics branch of the SurveyMonkey polling service, has crunched the numbers on Nintendo's Miitomo app and found them, well, wanting.

In plain terms, while the iOS and Android app saw strong initial interest and even topped downloads charts in several countries when it debuted two months ago, after the initial novelty wears off players have found there just isn't much to do. Miitomo's "core loop" -- that is, the main gameplay action taken again and again -- boils down to answering open-ended questions and unlocking outfits for your Mii avatar. Both these are cute, and can lead to a lot of funny screencaps posted to social media, but they aren't really engrossing on the same level as, say, one of the top-rated puzzle games out on the market. (This is more or less what our own Anne Lee predicted would happen for players when she previewed it for us prior to its global release.)

Expecting that Miitomo should beat out, say, Candy Crush Saga is barking up the wrong tree, obviously. Nintendo doesn't see those types of games as direct competitors for its app. What is notable here, however, is the precipitous drop-off in player activity Miitomo is experiencing in just a couple months' time. It currently has a weekly attrition rate ("churn") of about 50%.

"For some apps that don’t need frequent use this isn't a problem, but for games like Miitomo, which are designed for frequent use, churn at this level foreshadows a quick decline," says SurveyMonkey's Arjun Lall.

You can read more, including some visualizations to help put Miitomo's performance in context, at the SurveyMonkey Intelligence blog.

(h/t Gamasutra.)