Uncharted 4 has already sold more than 2.7 million copies

That's a lot of people staring at Nathan Drake's butt.

Married life would appear to suit contemporary Indiana Jones-alike Nathan Drake, whose fourth flagship outing has been met with critical praise and quite a few oohs and ahhs for its envelope-pushing visual effects. Sony, I have to guess, is also proud of Uncharted 4's performance, given that it announced today the game has already exceeded 2.7 million sales in less than two weeks.

For reference, Sony has sold an estimated 36 million PlayStation 4s, for which Uncharted 4 is a system exclusive. In other words, about 7% of PlayStation 4 owners have picked up a copy -- which may sound small, but keep in mind the short time frame, and that we're still a long ways from the holiday season. So this is a pretty encouraging set of numbers, if you happen to be part of Naughty Dog.

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