Dark Souls III anti-cheating patch pulled after it causes more problems than it solves

Whoops. UPDATED 5/18/2016: The patch is live again, no major problems this time around.

Cheating is a many-headed hydra every online game on PC must try to slay, preferably without introducing new problems. That's far easier said than done, though.

Take Dark Souls III, the PC version for which is presently awash with cheating. Developer FromSoftware recently introduced a patch to try to curb the biggest issues -- namely, exploits which allowed cheaters to troll and snipe other players -- but in doing so unfortunately introduced a pretty devastating gameplay hitch, shown below.

Obviously, a game freezing periodically would be a headache under any circumstances, but for a game like Dark Souls where combat timing has to be very precise, hangs like this are positively ruinous. Fortunately, FromSoftware pulled the patch after a few hours, indicating that the company would work to "reinstate the patch ASAP." Unfortunately, we have no timeline on when that might be.

Cheer up, Dark Souls III, it could be worse. You could be The Division instead.

(h/t Kotaku.)

UPDATE (5/18/2016): Kotaku reports that Dark Souls III's anti-cheating patch has been reinstated, this time absent the above stuttering issue.