Star Tours? Nah, this is a Mass Effect theme park attraction, and it's real

Opening next month in Santa Clara, California, Mass Effect: New Earth 4D combines holography and live performance.

Next month, California's Great America -- a theme park located a little ways south of San Francisco -- will play host to a new attraction based on the popular Mass Effect series of sci-fi role-playing games.

Dubbed Mass Effect: New Earth 4D, the attraction is less of a ride and more like interactive theater, combining a panoply of practical effects, live performers and high-tech wizardry like 3D holograms. Here's how it was described when first announced in 2015:

Riders will climb aboard motion-based seating and wear 3D glasses as they are taken on a thrilling adventure. A live performer will curate the journey and appear to interact seamlessly with the next generation 3D visuals. These elements will be integrated with motion seating, high tech sound and other 4D effects to create a truly compelling and immersive attraction. Guests will travel through space to a distant planet, face off against bigger than life adversaries and ultimately help save the day.

The 4D here, by the way, doesn't refer to the actual fourth dimension, time. It just means that it's a 3D media thing with some sort of haptic/tactile experience added on top. Vibrating seats, smoke machines, and all that. If you are at all acquainted with some of the motion/movie attractions at, say, Universal Studios or Disneyland, or certain high-end cinemas, this will seem fairly familiar to you. Sure, it's all gimmick -- but it's interesting to see something like this based off of a game series, rather than a summer blockbuster movie as tends to be the case.

The official Twitter account for California's Great America tweeted the following photo from the attraction, along with an official opening date: May 18th.

Terrible secrets of space, indeed.

(h/t Polygon.)

Kris Ligman is the News Editor for ZAM. They look forward to the 4D Garrus Vakarian dating simulator version of this. Twitter: @KrisLigman.