Dark Souls will end at present trilogy, as director moves on to other projects

'Dark Souls is over,' says series director Hidetaka Miyazaki, who recently oversaw the successful worldwide launch of the franchise's third entry.

Dark Souls is over (if Miyazaki wants to).

(And he does want to.)

We've known for some time that series director Hidetaka Miyazaki -- who rose from a fairly modest position to the president of From Software based largely on the success of the Souls games -- had plans to move on to other projects. With the recent success of Dark Souls III, Miyazaki appears to have made good on those intentions. While the games will continue to see post-launch updates in the form of downloadable add-ons and patches, the series, by and large, has ended.

"There is absolutely no plan right now for any sequels, spin-offs, or tie-ins," Miyazaki told Taiwanese site GNN Gamer. Presumably, he is not including the officially licensed board game adaptation, which has already been announced. "So rather than make another sequel, I think it’s time we take a step [in] a new direction. Development of a new [intellectual property] has already begun.”

The interview has been machine-translated with additional help from users of the popular forum NeoGAF, so the quality of the translation is a little spare in places. However, the overwhelming consistency with which Miyazaki reiterates his points indicates the translation is broadly accurate.

According to the translations, Miyazaki also that he would not be opposed to members of his studio revisiting the franchise down the line, though he did not see himself returning to oversee them.

"If a From Software developer [came] to me five years from now and begged, ‘please let me make another Dark Souls,’ then I will not rule out the possibility to let my subordinates start a new project," the translation reads. "To me personally Dark Souls is over."

There are no details at present just what Miyazaki's next project is to be, though it's unlikely to follow in the stylistic vein of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Personally, I'm hoping the studio's next project is a follow-up to Metal Wolf Chaos.

(h/t VG247.)

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