Newest Division update might be erasing people's characters [UPDATED]

April 12, 2016 by Kris Ligman

At least 50 players have reported logging into the game only to find their data missing, after installing the 1.1 patch on Xbox One.

The latest patch for The Division was meant to address some outstanding issues and introduce some new features like the new "Falcon Lost" incursion, but it seems like for a small minority of Xbox One players, the update has instead wiped their entire character profile.

Kotaku reports that at least 50 players have logged in following the installation of the 1.1 patch to discover their character completely absent from the game. This isn't the same as losing some save data -- like many online games, The Division gives you a persistent avatar, so wiping out everything associated with that character profile means losing potentially hundreds of hours of accrued loot and experience.

That said, it's unknown at time of writing just how 'gone' these character profiles are. They may be irretrievably deleted, or developer Massive may still be able to recover them. It's also possible they aren't technically wiped at all, just that The Division, for whatever reason, can't look them up in its database. Software patches sometimes introduce more bugs than they fix.

Whatever the case, it appears developer Massive is aware of the issue, as evidenced by this top comment in The Division's most populous fan subreddit. Any fix the developer is able to offer is still forthcoming.

UPDATE (4/13/2016): VG247 reports that the missing profiles are in fact due to a server synchronization issue, meaning no data has been lost. A fix is incoming.

(h/t Kotaku.)

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