Dark Souls III PC mapping guide

The perfect key bindings for Souls grinding.

The default controls for Dark Souls III on PC are a little... meh. Here's a quick guide to getting the game to feel as smooth and natural as possible on a mouse and keyboard.

Here's a quick cheat sheet for reference:


Walk - Left Alt

Move - WASD

Dash/Roll - Space

Jump - Click Mouse Wheel


Lock-on - Q

Switch Equipment

Switch Spells - Mouse Wheel Up

Switch quick items - Mouse Wheel Down

Switch R weapon - Extra Mouse Button 1

Switch L weapon - Extra Mouse Button 2


Attack - Left Click

Strong Attack - Shift+left click

Attack - Right Click

Strong Attack - Shift+left click

Use item - R

Interact - E

Two-hand Weapon - Tab


Open Menu - Esc

Gesture - G

Confirm - E

Cancel - 1

Function 1 - Q

Function 2 - R

Function 3 - T

Sort - X

Open Help - Right click

**UPDATE:** Patch. 1.03 removed the need to enter the config menu every time you load a save before it will implement your custom bindings.