How to beat The Sorcerer in Hyper Light Drifter

Here's how to put down this magical menace.

The Sorcerer is a miniboss in Hyper Light Drifter's southern zone. He has basically one attack - he'll summon a series of orbs and shoot them at you. These orbs are actually missiles, and if you have the missile reflect ability unlocked, dealing them them is a breeze.

Even though you'll take a lot of damage, try running right up to the Sorcerer's face and reflecting his bullets into him while they're orbiting around his body. if you have a couple spare medpacks, going face-to-face with the summoner and just taking a little bit of damage will be best. He'll die faster than you. If you can't try this technique, focus on reflecting his bullets back at him, and you'll also be all right.

- Laura Michet, experienced Hyper Light Drifter boss-killing machine