How to beat The Summoner in Hyper Light Drifter

Here's how to summon death for The Summoner.

The Summoner is a miniboss in Hyper Light Drifter's southern zone. When you first encounter it, it will look like a regular power module-- but when you activate it, it will turn into a robot instead.

The three extra bosses in the south zone all have less health than the bosses in the north, east, and west. The Summoner actually has very little health, and is not very dangerous on its own. Most of the danger comes from the small orbs it will summon around it. These can shoot huge numbers of bullets at you during the Summoner's missile phase, but they die very easily. Go to the fight with the bullet reflect ability unlocked and keep destroying the orbs and this fight should actually be over very quickly.

- Laura Michet, experienced Hyper Light Drifter boss-killing machine