You can play Stardew Valley on your Mac right now, with a bit of gumption

March 28, 2016 by Kris Ligman

An official Mac port of the popular farming sim is still forthcoming, but until then, there's a (simple enough) workaround.

Stardew Valley is so hot right now. Not, like, in game, as I'm sure that'd kill the crops, but as a figure of speech, it's on fi-yah. We loved it in our review, but for the poor souls out there awaiting a Mac release, there's a solution going around.

A necessary caveat: the process here isn't especially straight-forward, although the actual steps involved are pretty easy to follow. Basically, you want to get Wineskin, an application that lets you run Windows software on a not-Windows box like a Mac. It's a solution brought about by a team of enterprising Stardew Valley fans, including haxd, huecesterjeregrine, and DandoCalrissian, who collated the process in a step-by-step list as seen below.

Please note that this uses an authentic copy of the game purchased through Steam and not any sort of pirated or cracked version. The original thread points to a mediafire link containing a download for Wineskin, which as far as I know is safe and likewise legitimate, but I've replaced it with a URL to Wineskin's official site since it's a free download anyway, yanno.

1. Download the wrapper here: []

2. Unzip the file

3. Double-click the file

4. After opening the wrapper, select Advanced, click Tools, and then Winetricks

5. Select the following to install (all can be found in the dlls section) and then press Run:
















6. Close the Winetricks window (if open), and click Configuration on the Wineskin window

7. Use the Install Software button, select Choose Executable, and then point it to a downloaded copy of SteamSetup.exe you obtained clicking on the Windows button under the green install button, or by using this direct link:

8. Sign into Steam

9. Download Stardew Valley

10. Run Stardew Valley

11. Click through any errors or install prompts that pop up. There is one regarding a Directx library not being found and then a brief install of xna, but then it should be smooth sailing after that.

12. Once the game is confirmed running properly, quit Stardew Valleyand Steam

13. On the Wineskin window in the Windows EXE field, either press browse and find the Steam.exe yourself, or copy this into the “Windows EXE” text field: /Program Files/Steam/Steam.exe

14. You can now exit the wrapper and open the game normally by double-clicking the wrapper

15. Play the game! Love the game! Spend “too many” hours playing the game!

(h/t Kotaku)

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