Codsworth? Is that you??

Fallout 4's 'Automatron' DLC lets you customize way more than random junkbots. You can also give your robot butler a major facelift.

We already knew that 'Automatron' let you customize new killbot companion Ada, but it turns out you can modify Extremely French nursebot Curie and Extremely British butlerbot Codsworth in the same way. Is 'body horror' a thing for robots? Because some of these loadouts seem like they might fit the bill.

Most likely Curie is not upgradable if you've already (spoiler) uploaded her to a human-like synth body, but for Codsworth, who is just fine with being a floating ball that makes tea and wears bowler hats, here's a chance to turn him into the roving ad hoc death machine you always wanted in your post-apocalypse. He still sounds like Jeeves though.

I'm still waiting for the so-called 'giant' robots that are supposed to populate this DLC -- the tallest I've seen so far has been maybe eight feet -- but turning your crew of into an episode of Battlebots seems like a good time. There's something charmingly Mad Max-esque about giving your stalwart butler tank treads and a flamethrower arm then topping him off with a terrifying teddy bear head. WITNESS HIIIIM.

Image source: GRZ NGT

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I too want to talk about our relationship, Codsworth.

(h/t Kotaku. Top image source: RobbyCX.)