Fallout 4's 'Automatron' DLC is out today, features a build-your-own robot sidekick

Go on, hit me right in the robo-feels, Bethesda, see if I care.

I could be mistaken on this, but are there only two standard-issue human companions in Fallout 4? The rest seem to be canines, zombies, or one of various models of artificial intelligence -- from the hardboiled synth detective Nick Valentine (swoooon) to the Extremely French nursebot Curie. And hey, as a big proponent of robots in general, I'm not complaining, really. At least three of Fallout 4's main questlines end up converging on the subject of sentient machines as successors (or usurpers) to the human race, so it's clearly on the writers' minds over there at Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout 4's first major story DLC, 'Automatron,' likewise casts its spotlight on robotkind. You're furnished with a new companion, Ada -- named for Ada Lovelace, the holy mother of computing -- who can be upgraded into any of a variety of other robotic shells, mixed-and-matched to your combat specifications. Gatling gun arm? Rocket puncher fists? Custom paint jobs? She is your walking, talking, lowkey burgeoning-self-awareness-discovering hot rod death machine. (I wonder if you can date her.)

I'm not too far into the DLC yet myself -- in all our fantasies of post-human immortality we often seem to forget our current hardware goes obsolete every three years or so, meaning I am chugging along at a brisk 14 frames per second in this game -- but you can get a glimpse of Ada's many hardware modifications below, via Youtuber Jon Winter.

The story of 'Automatron' concerns The Mechanist, whom you may remember as the antagonist in some of Fallout 4's "Silver Shroud" radio dramas (a callback to old-timey radio program "The Shadow"). If you happened to complete those quests and unlocked the Silver Shroud costume for your avatar, be sure to wear it here -- Kotaku reports that it will unlock extra lines of dialogue, letting you respond in-character as the campy pre-war crimefighter at choice moments.

We're getting another robocentric DLC later this year which stars android and Sam Spade-soundalike Nick Valentine (have I mentioned the swooning yet), but for now, 'Automatron' is here to scratch that scrounging and tinkering itch Bethesda's Fallout games are known for. It's like those build-your-own-robot kits we messed around with as children, except Ada talks back and (probably) doesn't take AA batteries.

'Automatron' is available right now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

Kris Ligman is the News Editor for ZAM. Every day they don't have a robot body is a day wasted. Long live the new flesh with Kris on Twitter @KrisLigman.