So there's this deer that's just running around in Grand Theft Auto V right now

The deer is hacked, answers to no one, and is possibly on a revenge quest for the hunter who shot their mother.

Remember last year, when all your friends were losing their shit over two llamas escaping and running free through suburban Arizona? This is sort of like that: right now, there's a deer roaming around in Grand Theft Auto V. No one is playing it -- it's been modified to act according to a simple set of instructions to make its own decisions, where it goes, how fast it walks, and so on. And you can watch its adventures, live, on the internet, as one does.

The deer is actually an art installation by a certain Brent Watanabe, who does a lot of game-inspired works such as this one. In the demo video (above) you can see a prototype of the deer mod presumably being directly piloted as they accidentally start a blood fued with a street gang, then goes on an explosive rampage through the heart of downtown not-Los Angeles. As of this writing, the autonomous deer on the live Twitch feed is playing in traffic in the Vinewood Hills, occasionally startling rabbits and getting run over by a car.

Don't worry, though, the deer is immortal. And will stop at nothing short of total destruction of Los Santos.

Kris Ligman is the News Editor of ZAM. Live free, deer, free from the world of hatred. Kris is on Twitter @KrisLigman.