Most important Fallout 4 mod ever lets you play as the dog

All other mods are now irrelevant.

Your mileage with Fallout 4 may vary: it's messy and kind of broken, as all Bethesda games are, and you either embrace that and enjoy building an eight-story open-floor office building out of shack walls or you go play something else, really. But one area where most critics of the game agree is that your canine companion Dogmeat is the best. Cute, fluffy, never needs to go for walkies, can wear adorable bandanas and custom dog armor and goggles, omg.

Well, now one enterprising modder has gone a step further and created a mod where you can play as Dogmeat, as well as any of the other dogs encountered in the game. You even have a Pip-Boy and can hold your own in combat, just like a real attack hound.

There are a few caveats -- the Pip-Boy is fussy in first-person view, the game will still crash if you try to exit the prologue as a dog, and there is apparently no mode to play as a cat which makes this slightly non-ideal as animal mods go -- but overall this seems like a pretty fresh take on a game that's gone a bit stale in the months since its release.

Here's a video showing off the mod in action. It seems you can combine it with other mods for additional dog breeds, so if you ever get tired of being a German Shepard, you have options.

There's also a new DLC coming out tomorrow featuring "giant" robots, which seems nominally exciting too! Though honestly, if the robot's not at least three stories tall, it shouldn't merit that descriptor.

(h/t VG247.)

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