Meet Alex, the first DLC character to join Street Fighter V's roster

This very handsome banana sideburns grappler man who ties his plaid shirt around his waist like it's the 90s will soon be yours free (with a bit of in-game Fight Money).

Has anyone ever asked why the fighters in Street Fighter are fighting? I know there's a story mode in these games which ostensibly explains this stuff, but for my money, I bet it's because they're angry about being fashion victims. What's next, Alex, a fanny pack? You gonna give Ryu a mixtape of your Nirvana covers?

I jest because I love. Street Fighter V has had a troubled launch, but as Capcom continues to roll out more features and characters it will eventually become the game it really should have been from the outset. Alex here originates from Street Fighter III, a grappler geared toward big bursts of close range damage. The roster update post on Capcom Unity assures players that he's a suitable midrange fighter as well, and is unlockable for free with in-game Fight Money earned from completing Character Story mode content.

This update also ushers in some new features, like the in-game shop (to spend the aforementioned Fight Money), two Challenge modes, and an Online Rematch Mode, in which players can compete in a best-of-three set. Maybe that last one will help ease SFV's current rage quitter problem?

Below are some new screens of Alex, courtesy of Capcom. There's no clear release date for this update, only that it's expected to land "later this month." So stay tuned, Street Fighter fans.

Maybe they just messed up when trying to kiss.

Maybe they just-- oh, I guess not. Maybe they just-- oh, I guess not.

And now he will go enjoy a delicious hot dog with his gigantic ham hands.

Kris Ligman is the News Editor of ZAM, and believes they deserve a pat on the back for making it all the way through this without mentioning Alex's form-fitting suspenders. Oops, just did. You can yell at Kris on Twitter @KrisLigman.