If there is one thing Stardew Valley still needed, it was Pokemon

A contingent of devoted modders are turning the popular farming sim into the ideal Pokemon homestead.

Admit it, we love pastoral fantasy games. From Animal Crossing's small town mayoral life to Minecraft's 'punch trees, kill a skeleton' philosophy, there's just something special about staking a plot of land, building a few wooden fences, and enjoying the quiet country life while you milk your Miltank and Growlithe chases the Pichus out of the barn.

That's what modders are attempting to do with Stardew Valley, any way, with a growing collection of mods aimed at replacing existing animal sprites with analogues from Nintendo's Pokemon universe. They're calling it Pokedew Valley and it's all kinds of sweet.

In addition to reskinned farm animals, there are a few mods to replace enemies (because oh yes, Stardew Valley has dangerous caves you can explore when you get tired of growing crops), and some other cosmetic items like Ash Ketchum's signature hat. Basically, if you ever visited a Pokemon Ranch or Daycare in the games and sighed wistfully to yourself how that would make a much better game than all this tiresome battling, these are the mods for you.

Below are a few of the modded critters you can find in Pokedew Valley (screencaps via Kotaku). The project is still underway with new mods coming out all the time, so if your favorite Pokemon isn't in here yet, that could soon change.

(h/t Kotaku.)

Meowth replaces your cat. Meowth cats!

Miltank cows (so happy to be milked!) Miltank cows (so happy to be milked!)

'They shoot Ponytas, don't they?' (Not this one, don't worry.) 'They shoot Ponytas, don't they?' (Not this one, don't worry.)

Kris Ligman is the News Editor of ZAM. They haven't visited their Animal Crossing town in over a year and are abjectly terrified of the unlawfulness and chaos it's no doubt descended into at this point. You can follow Kris on Twitter @KrisLigman.