RetroLand: Melee came out closer to the first Mario than it did to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I remember back when this was all CRT.

Did you know there's a wider gulf of time between Super Smash Bros Melee and the recently announced Super Smash Bros Ultimate than there is between Melee and the original Super Mario Bros? It's true!

RetroLand is a new series from our friends at Zam Video, a fun look at retro games and other things that make us feel very, very old. We think of Smash Bros as a relatively recent series from Nintendo, while Super Mario is from the Good Old Days. But not only is Melee older than you realize, it's almost old enough to vote. In a few years it'll be joining Super Mario at the bar and complaining about lower back pain.

Looking at it from another perspective, this also means that it took longer for Ridley to get into Smash than it took Mario to go 3D. That's a long time to keep a dino waiting, Sakurai-san.

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