If Ron Gilbert made Twin Peaks, it would be Thimbleweed Park

A spiritual successor to the LucasArts classic Maniac Mansion, Thimbleweed Park is shaping up to be a charming black comedy of an adventure game.

Ahh, smell those Douglas firs! There's a new trailer out today for Thimbleweed Park, the retro-flavored adventure game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, which was successfully Kickstarted back in 2014.

Described by its co-creators as "a new classic [...] poking fun at Twin Peaks, True Detective and The X-Files, with a little Stephen King thrown in just for fun," Thimbleweed Park is set to be an irreverent, campy point-and-click adventure designed as a spiritual successor to Gilbert and Winnick's cult classic Maniac Mansion

Among point-and-click adventure games, 1987's Maniac Mansion is often held up as a standard-bearer. It was the first title to use the SCUMM Engine (in fact, the reason SCUMM exists) and incorporates Gilbert's characteristic humor played out over four intersecting protagonists. Both Gilbert and Winnick would go on to lend their talents to LucasArts's famous Monkey Island franchise, with Gilbert in particular serving as lead writer on the first two games. As for Maniac Mansion itself, Tim Schafer (now head of DoubleFine) headed up a direct sequel in 1993, Day of the Tentacle, and there was a three season TV show as well. Thimbleweed Park could therefore be said to be less of a sequel in that vein and more as a spiritual descendant, going back to Maniac Mansion's visual and narrative roots.

We'll be catching up with Gilbert and the Thimbleweed Park folks at the Game Developers Conference later this month, but until then, have yourself a gander at the new trailer below, fresh from the development team.

Kris Ligman is the News Editor for ZAM. They are a friend of Squinky. Follow them on Twitter @KrisLigman.