Destiny 2: Forsaken details - everything we know

Today Bungie unveiled its latest expansion for its shiny golden FPS.

Arriving September 4th, Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion promises a bevy of new content, and comes bundled with an annual pass for $70 US.

Forsaken aims to make good on the promises of the original game (which seems to be what every expansion and the whole Destiny 2 were meant to do, but, details) and features new player subclasses, a new raid called the Dreaming City, new story content, new enemies, new environments, and of course... more heckin' loot. You could probably compare it to the first Destiny's The Taken King expansion in terms of scale and ambition.

Destiny 2: Forsaken also adds the new Gambit mode, which pits two teams of human players against waves of AI enemies in a race to the finish. The actions from one team can make the other side's obstacles harder. So consider it sort of like competitive Tetris, with more gun reticles and bloom effect.

The expansion also addresses player complaints by reintroducing random rolls for weapons and allowing shotguns and sniper rifles into secondary and primary weapon slots. We can also expect an improved system for keeping track of all the shiny weapons and armor players have collected to date, so they can better see what is still missing from their collections.

The Forsaken expansion will be sold a la carte for $40 US. In addition to the $70 version with the packed-in annual pass, there is also a $80 premium version which touts additional exclusive items.

Check out the reveal video from today's stream below!

We can expect to hear more from Bungie about Destiny 2: Forsaken next week at E3. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook for our full-spectrum E3 coverage!