Sony's E3 Press Conference 2018 Details

We're through the looking glass now, folks.

This year's Sony press conference caught us more than a little offguard, eschewing the usual release-driven trailers-heavy approach in favor of something a little more avant-garde.

After herding press into a large tent designed to resemble an old Christian church (and assuring them that this would not end the same way as the church scene in Kingsman), Sony handed the stage over to a somber solo banjo performance, before abruptly killing the lights and making everyone here at the Zam offices very worried our man-on-the-ground just got himself mass-murdered.

Then Sony started showing trailers.

If you missed the press conference livestream, here are the highlights!

The Last of Us Part II

After a long, meditative and gorgeously-rendered opening cinematic set in a (very familiar at this point) church, we transition to a long gameplay demo, showing a now-adult Ellie knifing and arrowing her way with Lara Croft precision through a blasted-out parking garage.

Also, can I just say? That sticky mushy kiss Ellie shares with a young woman in the opening cinematic is probably some of the best computer animation I've ever see. Hats off to whichever overworked Naughty Dog animator(s) was responsible for that one.

Ghost of Tsushima

Following some strained desk banter, a few brief trailers for upcoming VR titles, and another musical interlude, it's Ghost of Tsushima time. 

The latest from Infamous studio Sucker Punch, we got our first solid look at this open-world samurai action game at Paris Games Week in 2017, unveiling basic setting details and key art. Tonight's reveal showed off lush grassland and forest environments, as well as horse riding, swordplay, and story missions. If your takeaway is basically "Japanese Assassin's Creed," you'd have it about right.


Slightly reminiscent of ECHO, this third-person shooter treads a very fine line between "super cool trippy visuals" and "no rules, it's all in your head, anything can happen" unstructured hot nonsense.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

As soon as we saw the zombie, we knew what was going down. The cheers from the audience when series mainstay Leon Kennedy reached the screen cut through the trailer's soundtrack to reach livestream audiences.

Resident Evil 2's remake is due out January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Significantly more original footage than was displayed at the Square Enix presser, tonight's Sony reveal showed us the return to the Pirates of the Caribbean universe (where Jack Sparrow et al are actually not creepy wooden dolls this time) and new shots of Axel, Kairi, Rikku, and the lore-spouting interchangeable Nomura OCs that probably make sense to someone.

Death Stranding

I can't say we got any closer to understanding what the actual gameplay of this game consists of, besides a lot of walking with heavy backpacks, but Norman Reedus had clothes and a name this time, and that's good enough for me.

"My status is fucked," indeed.

Nioh 2


(Again, I'm just saying, if Nioh can get localized, why can't Yakuza Ishin? Where is the justice? No I will never give up on this hobby horse.)

Marvel's Spider-Man

Who doesn't want to websling realistically around a skyscraper'd metropolis and beat up glowing prison inmates?? Even if you're not a big Marvel or comic book fan, you have to acknowledge the appeal of what Insomniac's putting together with Marvel's Spider-Man. Tonight's press conference gave us an additional glimpse at in-engine gameplay ahead of its September release date.

Other stuff

If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is dropping tonight with some new content. And if you like Rick and Morty, uh, don't @ me.

What are your highlights from the Sony PlayStation press conference? Tune in to our Facebook page for more E3 coverage all week long!