Bethesda's E3 Press Conference 2018 Details

Fallout 76, Doom, Starfield, and Elder Scrolls VI!

Bethesda Softworks has created some of the most beloved games on the market and there were high expectations headed into E3 2018. While we got our first sampling of this year's E3 offerings two weeks ago when Bethesda teased Fallout 76 and again earlier today with a longer reveal at Microsoft’s press conference, tonight's press conference showed us our first (very) deep dive of Fallout 76 and first look at the next Doom, Rage, and Wolfenstein properties. We also got an official introduction to their new IP, Starfield, and a promise from Todd Howard himself that Elder Scrolls VI is on its way..

Fallout 76

News outlets have speculated Fallout 76 will be a survival/battle royale game in the vein of Rust or PUBG. After tonight's reveal, we know that Fallout 76 will lean closer to ARK as a shared multiplayer environment.

You will be one of the first to emerge from Vault 76 much, much earlier in the Fallout timeline than any other game in the franchise has been set. Every person from the Vault will be a real player who can engage you in PVP combat or co-op. Todd Howard focused heavily on the co-op aspect of the game and explained encampment building as a core aspect of the gameplay. Curiously, no VATS gameplay was shown and was never addressed by Todd. Todd also insisted you can still solo the game, if you want.

Nuclear launch codes can be found in the massive (4x larger than Fallout 4) world and used to destroy areas of the map. Players can then raid the bombing sites for valuable materials. The game will have dedicated servers and a beta, though no date was given for the beta itself.

Fallout 76 is slated for a November 14, 2018 release. We can expect it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Collector’s Edition is Power Armor-focused and will feature a glow-in-the-dark map of the game world and a functional, wearable Power Armor helmet.

In addition, Todd announced that Fallout Shelter is available for free on PS4 and Switch starting tonight.

Rage 2

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios takes the wheel in this sequel to the Mad Max-esque classic. With an emphasis on open world chaotic combat, Rage 2 hopes to add much more meat to the bones of the Rage universe than the first game managed to do.

Tonight’s showcase began with a rousing song from Andrew WK, which could have been any song from Andrew WK. That’s not a knock, he just has a sound and sticks to it. He was great. We were shown some sped-up mission gameplay where the protagonist, Ranger Walker (really), has to infiltrate a space exploration facility. A lot of gunplay was shown, along with vehicular combat, special powers, and gravity grenades.

The game certainly appears to be winking at fans of Borderlands with its emphasis on colorful characters and wacky comedy pieces. Rage 2 is set for Spring 2019 release.

Skyrim: Very Special Edition

Okay it's not really happening, but Todd found some time to joke at himself about Skyrim appearing everywhere with the help of Keegan-Michael Key.

Elder Scrolls Legends

Elder Scrolls Legends is relaunching with overhauled visuals later this year. The online card game will be released on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, joining PC and mobile. It will, like the current version, be free.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online team took a victory lap tonight to celebrate the recent release of Summerset, the newest expansion of their popular MMO. In addition to an upcoming werewolf-based dungeon DLC called Wolfhunter, the team announced a story DLC to be released later this year called Murkmire, which will feature the Argonian home of Black Marsh.

Doom Eternal

Bethesda announced a followup to 2016’s successful Doom reboot called Doom Eternal. A trailer for the game showed a lot of Hell and the Doomslayer coming to crush some skulls. The team called it a sequel to the game and would make the Doomslayer “more powerful than ever before.”

No other details were released.

Quake Champions

Bethesda’s only major news about Quake Champions (currently in Early Access), was an open, free trial period starting today and ending on June 17. If you download the play the game during this period, you can keep playing it for free after the trial ends. A trailer was shown showcasing some of the characters and abilities in the game.


Free additions to 2017’s Arkane critical darling Prey were announced, including a tough survival mode, new game plus, and Mooncrash. Mooncrash is an infinitely replayable roguelike spin on Prey’s improv-heavy gameplay, featuring an environment that will procedurally change with every new playthrough. This is available tonight and featured one of the best trailers of the weekend so far.

The team also announced Typhon Hunter, a multiplayer mode where a human player will face five Mimics. The twist is the Mimics will be controlled by real players, who can shapeshift as any object on the map. VR content for this mode was also announced. No release date was given for Typhon Hunter.


Wolfenstein II for Switch will be released on June 29, 2018. The team also announced Wolfenstein Youngblood, a co-op game where you play as Wolfenstein protagonist BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters in 1980 Paris. Bethesda emphasized it wants to spread the “f*** Nazis” lifestyle to every possible platform. We’re here for it. Youngblood will be released in 2019.

A VR experience called Wolfenstein Cyberpilot was announced. The player will reprogram Nazi machinery to turn on its creators. Sounds like a very good use of VR.

Elder Scrolls Blades

Todd Howard announced a new mobile game called Elder Scrolls Blades, which is a pseudo-full Elder Scrolls experience in a mobile package. You can play the game in portrait or landscape mode as you control your character in first person. Combat and exploration looks like a light version of the console experience and the game will ship with three main modes. Abyss is a roguelike experience in an endless dungeon. Arena is a PVP battleground. The Town is a single-player hub where you get missions and improve your resources.

Todd wants to bring the game to every possible platform, but will start with mobile this coming Fall.


At the end of the press conference, Todd Howard formally introduced the world to Starfield, an all-new IP they’ve been working on “for years.” A very brief trailer was shown and focused on a space station and some trippy warping effects.

Todd was sure to emphasize the single-player nature of Starfield and gave no other details about its release.

Elder Scrolls VI

Sometime after Starfield, Bethesda will return to single player Elder Scrolls with Elder Scrolls VI. A brief trailer was shown with no official subtitle, though this is surely coming. No ETA was given.

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