EA's E3 Press Conference 2018 Details

Anthem, Battlefield V, first looks at FIFA19 and Madden 19, and more.

Another Electronic Arts E3 press conference has come and gone, and we've got a whole plate full of goodies in our laps once more. If you happened to miss the livestream, here are the highlights from EA's 2018 E3 presentation!

Battlefield V

As expected, the latest installment in DICE's signature first-person shooter series took center stage at this year's conference, showing off at the first story content ("Nordlys War Story"), new footage of the multiplayer mode, as well as a glimpse at the depth of player customization we can expect this time around.

Multiplayer sandbox mode "Ground Operations" will occur over multiple large maps and feature destructible environments and movable defenses.

By far the biggest announcement, and about which we heard very little today, was confirmation that Battlefield V would be joining Activision rival Call of Duty in rolling out a battle royale mode. We expect to hear more about this in the coming days. Additionally, DICE announced an enhanced look at Battlefield V's story mode at the Xbox press briefing tomorrow.

Battlefield V releases this October.


Another of this year's hotly anticipated titles, the latest from Mass Effect and Dragon Age developers BioWare also enjoyed some prime press conference real estate this year, showing off a new trailer, concept art, and gameplay. Check out the new E3 trailer below:

Billed as "our world, your story," Anthem is intended as a hybrid single/multiplayer experience, where combat exists chiefly in a common exploration space while single-player story plays out mainly from the home base. The hope is that this allows BioWare to provide deep content for years post-release, balancing the expectations of more combat-oriented players and fans of BioWare's rich storytelling.

We also got an in-depth look at the four major character classes, powered combat armor called "Javelins." In addition to previously revealed Ranger and Colossus classes, there we also saw Intercepter and Storm Javelins, the equivalent of Thief and Mage classes. While these obviously lend themselves to MMO-style party composition and BioWare is hoping that most players give the online co-op a shot, there was a repeated emphasis on single-player being as robust as in past games.

Oh, and you can make your armor suit pink.

Long-time BioWare fans might still find the studio's approach with Anthem a tough pill to swallow, but for the Mass Effect and Destiny crowd, Anthem shows plenty worth getting excited for. Check out the full gameplay showcase below:

The question of monetization came up, of course. BioWare was able to confirm that while the game did feature cosmetic buyable items, there would be no randomization in the form of loot boxes.

Anthem is currently slated for a February 22nd, 2019 release.


Among EA's annualized sports series, FIFA may be the most interesting. No, seriously! So what does the publisher giant have for us in the world of soccer this year? We can expect a new UEFA Champions League that carries across FIFA's multiple gameplay modes, including the return of Alex Hunter in The Journey, a Mass Effect-esque story mode that debuted in FIFA 17.

There will be more details about FIFA 19 later this summer. In the meantime, FIFA 18 players will get to enjoy new added World Cup 18 content and a free trial mode.

FIFA 19 will be headed for consoles later this year.

Madden 19

After a particularly cringeworthy introduction featuring one of the most stilted on-stage interviews any of us here at ReadySet have ever seen, we got a slick new trailer for Madden 19.

Madden 19 is out later this year.

NBA Live 19

Another blink-and-you-miss-it announcement, this short trailer gave us a glimpse at team creation and customization.

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order

Fans have speculated for ages about Respawn's upcoming Star Wars-branded game. While we didn't see any video, we did get the name (above) and an indication of the setting, set between Episode 3 and Episode 4 when the Jedi Order are being hunted. Here's the full (surprisingly ad hoc) announcement:

Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order is expected to land for the holidays in 2019. So we may be waiting for a while to hear further details!

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 expansions

Solo: A Star Wars Story content coming to the game next week. New squad system, space dogfighting, and sandbox mode coming this summer. New "Ewok Hunt" mode. New characters from cult fan favorite The Clone Wars will be joining the character roster.

Origin Access Premier

This premium service on top of Origin Access promises unlimited pre-release access to games on PC. No price point was announced but it's expected out later this summer.

Unravel two

Yarny is back and soggier than ever. He's now joined by a little blue friend! Red devil and blue devil! Hell isn't lonely anymore!

Billed as "friendlier but more challenging" than Yarny's first adventure, players can either play solo or with a co-op partner, although even in single-player mode both characters will appear and take part in puzzles.


Sea of Solitude

Another EA Originals title, Sea of Solitude (aka SOS) is a highly evocative psychological adventure game in the vein of Unbound crossed with Senua. It looks gorgeous.

Sea of Solitude is expected out early 2019.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Ever in the search of that "triple-A on mobile" sweet spot, this hex-based RTS was revealed with a full live competitive match and color commentary. It looks super polished for a "pre-alpha," which Android users can check out on the Google Play Store today. iOS fans will likely have to wait until final launch to get their fingers on it.

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