Three new Pokemon games bound for the Nintendo Switch

One of them is available to play right now.

At a press conference in Tokyo, the Pokemon Company announced a full three new titles in its critter-collecting franchise, one of which you can play right now on your Nintendo Switch.

Titled Pokemon Quest, this "free to start" game features a cute blocky art style reminiscent of Minecraft. Players oversee a team of three Pokemon who roam on their own across the screen, leaving the player the task of directing their tasks. The simplified mechanics are meant to take advantage of the Switch's touch screen as well as iOS and Android smart devices, to which the game will be heading next month.

Players can attract new Pokemon to their camp by collecting foods made from ingredients found around the map. There are other camp customizations as well. Naturally, Pokemon Quest has add-ons you can purchase with real-world currency.

The Pokemon Company also confirmed it is working on a new mainline Pokemon game in the style of X/Y and Sun/Moon. No new details are available at this time, but we know we can expect it sometime in 2019.

However, the biggest item on the press conference's docket is Pokemon Let's Go, which is split into Pikachu and Eevee versions. (Have you heard an Eevee actually say their name before? I hadn't, and I was not prepared.) It's coming to the Switch this November 16th. Not only does Pokemon Let's Go bear a lot of aesthetic and gameplay similarities with the wildly popular mobile app Pokemon Go, it promises integration between the two games, so that (for example) a Pokemon Go player can gift a rare creature to a friend playing Pokemon Let's Go on the Switch.

Instead of an AR-assisted map of irregularly-placed hotspots, though, Let's Go will have its own overworld set in the series' Kanto region. In addition to the Pikachu and Eevee featured on the covers, players can assign a Pokemon to follow along behind them on the world map. Oh yeah, and the company is rolling out a special peripheral for the Switch called the Pokeball Plus, which acts like the Pokemon Go Plus but is (of course) shaped like a Pokeball. And acts like one too. Just don't actually throw it at your screen, if you can help it.

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