Battlefield V puts women front and center

It's almost like they fought in the war too or something.

EA DICE has unveiled the latest installment in its beloved Battlefield series of first-person shooters, Battlefield V.

Despite the confusing numbering, Battlefield V is considered a follow-up to 2016's Battlefield 1, moving the setting to World War 2. Compared with past games in the series, DICE promises a strong focus on party-based systems and features, resource management, and character customization -- including the option to play as a woman.

Obviously, the internet reacted the way it always reacts at the idea that women played a larger role in world history than bombastic action films would suggest. Battlefield V's executive producer Aleksander Grondal went so far as to comment on the disproportionate outcry on Twitter, stating that DICE would "always put fun over authentic."

Battlefield V will feature a host of new multiplayer modes, including a "continuous" story campaign called "Tides of War," and an expansion of the "Operations" mode introduced in Battlefield 1, dubbed "Grand Operations." In these, players will have a specific objective each round, and your performance on each stage will influence the next, culminating in a "Final Stand" with amped-up difficulty.

Likely responding to criticism for another of its titles, Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE made a special point of mentioning there will be no paid DLC or loot boxes ("that affect gameplay") in Battlefield V. Instead, all players will get to enjoy free additional content following the game's release, featuring new locations and historical touchstones.

Oh, and if you're extremely bothered about there being a woman on the cover for some reason, don't worry. You can pay an additional $20 to get a dude version.

Check out the reveal trailer below!

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