The best Valentine's Day gifts for Nintendo fans

Show that special someone that your heart isn't in another castle with these (tasteful!) Nintendo-themed gifts.

Arrows. Hearts. Red outfits. Oh, and yeah, there's also that little winged Cupid guy flying around. No, this isn't some new love themed DLC for The Legend of Zelda we are talking about, it's that certain holiday that hits every February.

Yes, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and if you are in a relationship -- or looking to try to buy your way into one --  this means probably finding something for that special someone in your life. And if that special someone is really into Nintendo, well, whatever could you possibly get that them fits into the theme of the holiday? What could you purchase that shows you put in some hard work and didn't just Google some Nintendo listicle and listen to what that said?

We jest. Either way, don't worry. We did the hard work for you. You're welcome. Here's some ideas for that Nintendo fan in your life come this Valentine's Day.

Mew and Mewtwo mug and socks

Is the person you are shopping for... wait for it... legendary?

Are they also they also a fan of Pokemon, and into not-really-that-clever and corny wordplay? (Get it? I love Mew, I love Mewtwo...) If so, the online Pokemon Center has not one, but two different gifts for you. First, there's the Mew & Mewtwo mugs, or you could also go with the socks adorned with a similar design

Famicom Controller Plush

This controller plush will earn you some real Nintendo nerd bonus points, just for knowing what the hell the Famicom actually was. And as a plush, it could also probably be used in some  other Valentine's Day activities. Use your imagination. Nintendo doesn't always need to be G rated.

And, well, it's red. That also means that it totally counts as a Valentine's Day present, no matter what. Those are just the rules. Duh.

The intimates

Sure, the Triforce may be golden, but you could opt for something that protects actual treasure with this Legend of Zelda sports bra. Or, on the other hand, there's also some Pokemon boxers, helping to keep things in place even during the toughest gym battles.

But, just remember: Not everything in life plays by the same rules or logic as the Pokemon universe. There are some things -- especially on Valentine's Day -- that you don't need to catch all of. Be careful and protective out there, trainers.

Mario Kart LED bracelet

Sparkles? Check. Mario? Check. This Mario Kart LED bracelet lets you show the world that not only do you sparkle and shine, but that you'll also be the first one to throw a banana peel in the way of any rivals showing up in your rear view mirror. Watch out folks.

The bracelet also gets bonus points for having Rosalina on it. Always bonus points for Rosalina.

High femme in Hyrule

Just because I Googled what a cardigan was while writing this list doesn't mean you should use that as an excuse to not check out this Zelda flyaway cardigan. Or, perhaps this Zelda makeup bag would be a better fit for the lovely lady (or other make-up-loving individual) in your life.

And if you are really going all on in your attempt to put some heart into your gift, there's also a Pokeball heart-shaped bag. It's literally a heart.

Slowpoke Valentine's Shirt

If your loved one is a jokester, perhaps they would appreciate this red t-shirt adorned with Slowpoke. It's actually pretty funny. We'll give you a second to figure the joke out. Don't worry, we'll wait.

Build-A-Bear Pokemon

The Pokemon universe may be dominating this list just a bit, but we have to include Build-A-Bear's collection of Pokemon stuff.  It doesn't matter who you are, there's something cute and romantic about taking your significant other on a romantic excursion to create and stuff their own plush. It's sweet. Seriously, it is.

No matter which Pokemon you pick, just remember to fill it with love. And hey, at least Squirtle remembered to wear his raincoat this Valentine's Day.

The more, uh, 'adult' intimates

Just because Nintendo leans toward more family-friendly entertainment doesn't mean that you can't combine your loved one's gaming passions with other parts of your relationship.

So, in the "personal massager" category, there's the Squirty, Charmy, or Bulby. Level things up a bit further with the Piky. Or, if you really want to be a master of pleasure, try the Master Dildo Sword, which we can't seem to recall ever showing up in a Zelda game. Weird. 

Or, if you are into the really kinky stuff, there's always this route, too. It lends a whole new meaning to the phrase "Team Rocket is blasting off again," eh?

Put a Pikachu on it

Still haven't found quite the right thing? Don't worry, we aren't quite out of ideas yet. Again, Pokemon fans are in luck.

First, you could go with this paired Pikachu plush, or you could even go really old school -- ala high school -- with these Pokemon Valentine's pins and cards. Or If you really want to dive head first into the adorable, there's this Pokemon I Chose You necklace set. It's quite full of all the 'dawww' you need.