How to solve Gorogoa's hardest Green Level, Yellow Level, and Purple Level puzzles

6 months ago by Kevin Wong

Change the apple, build a balanced pathway, and pay the train fare with our step-by-step guide.

Created by former software engineer Jason Roberts, Gorogoa is a hand-drawn puzzle game that took seven years to draw and animate. The game's key mechanic—moving hand-drawn art around a 2x2 grid--is simple as it is ingenious.

Over the course of its approximate 2-hour running time, Gorogoa introduces numerous, increasingly abstract ways for these drawings to interact with one another. A mechanical gear in one artwork interlocks with a gear in a different artwork. A constellation of stars in one artwork is used to light a lantern in a different artwork. In our review, we visually demonstrated one of the  earliest puzzles in the game. But it only gets more difficult from there. Here are three additional visual walkthroughs to the trickiest puzzles in Gorogoa.

Spoilers below. All red circles and arrows are mine.

Giving The Apple Its Shine (Green Level)

At the end of Chapter 2, there's a marble apple in the hand of a marble statue. It needs to become a real apple; check out the prescient drawing in the upper right panel (circled above).

The first thing you do is click on the bottom right panel. You'll be able to lift and drag it, thus revealing a panel beneath it.

If you zoom out from this new bottom right panel, you'll discover it is part of a burning, dilapidated building. You now want to zoom in on a different part of that building. Click on the area circled below.

You'll see a green design painted on a crumbling wall.

Continue zooming In on it, and eventually, you will you get this.

At this point, if you click the bottom right panel one more time, you will go "through" the drawing. You'll see part of a fantastical creature.

Now for the trippy part. If you click and drag the bottom right panel, you can see more of the creature. It helps to think of the bottom right panel as a window to what lies beneath it; you can see a quarter of the creature at any given time.

If you drag this "window" to the upper left hand panel, you will find the creature's eye.

And now, we can move the bottom left panel and lay it on top of the upper left panel. The green eye becomes a green apple.

And it falls into the blue bowl.

Mission accomplished. The final window trick is repeated several times throughout the game.

Building A Balanced Path (Yellow Level)

This takes place at the beginning of Chapter 3. The boy is sitting at the foot of a statue, which is pointing to the left. But there's nowhere for him to walk to the left. You need to build the path. Start by zooming out from the upper left panel. You'll discover that there's a bigger scene; the original frame was the thought bubble of another boy.

Then the lights go out. And since the boy can no longer read, his thought bubble disappears too. You need a source of light. Click on the shelf (see below), which still has some light shining on it.

It zooms In, but there's nothing else you can do. You'll come back to it later. Turn your attention now to the bottom right panel. You can look up to the sky by clicking on the scrolling arrow (circled below).

You'll see a star in the sky. Now, click and drag the lantern on the upper right panel, and lay it on top of the star on the lower right panel.

If you do it correctly, the star will light the lantern.

Zoom out from the lantern, and you'll be in a wooden room. zoom in on the mirror (see below) and keep zooming in.

Eventually, you'll end up in a familiar looking room. Zoom in on the circled area below.

And now we're getting somewhere! These are two halves of the same shelf.

If you put the two panels together to make one shelf, it'll tip to the left. You want to make the shelf tip to the right; the way you'll do that is by making the left side lighter and the right side heavier.

Start with the left side. zoom in on the box of screws.

Click and drag the upper left panel to remove the labeling.

And then zoom out on the newly revealed panel (see above). In the lower left hand corner, you'll see a fluff of cotton. Zoom in on that.

And then, replace the labeling. The box of screws is now a box of cotton. That's definitely much lighter.

Now, do the same thing for the box on the other side of the shelf. zoom in to the box of colored pencils, remove the labeling, and zoom out of the newly revealed panel. You should see some rocks (circled below). Zoom in on them, replace the box labeling, and zoom back out.

If you did this properly, you should have a box of cotton on the left side of the shelf and a box of rocks on the right side of the shelf. The shelf will tip right instead of left. And the lamp will shift  from the upper left panel into the upper right panel.

We're almost there. Zoom out of the upper left panel. You should see a window with a glowing star.

Click and drag the lamp in the upper right panel, and lay it on top of the star in the upper left panel. The star should light the lamp.

A moth, attracted by the light, will land on the lamp. Click his wing.

And continue zooming In, until you can't zoom in any further. You'll eventually get a full frame shot of the wing's design (circled below)

And when you can't zoom in any further, you'll able to click and drag the upper left panel to reveal a new panel beneath it.

If you zoom out of both images, you'll see a path extension on the upper left panel, and the reading boy on the upper right panel. Now that he has light, he can read again. Zoom in on his thought bubble (circled below).

And there you have it. The two frames connect, and the boy can walk to the left.

Several parts of the games follow this model; they require you to perform a multitude of tasks so the boy can take a couple of steps.

Remember the box trick, where you turned the nails into cotton and turned the colored pencils into rocks. There's a crucial moment at the very end of the game (the last puzzle, in fact), where you'll have to use the exact same strategy.

Paying The Train Fare (Purple Level)

At the beginning of Chapter 5, you need to board a train and travel to a different area of the map. Your first objective is to get the boy to the train station. Click and drag the upper right panel and lay it over the the upper left panel.

The boy will pass from the old panel to the foreground of the new panel, and enter the train station.

He will then walk to the right, where he will see a sign. As you can see from his thought bubble, he wants to take the train to a purple destination. So click on the sign (circled below), and zoom in.

All the way in.

Now, click and drag the upper left frame. It will separate the sign from its icon, and reveal a location beneath it.

Zoom out of the new upper left frame, and you'll make a fortuitous discovery. This is the purple train station that you need to travel to. Now, you just need to board the train to get there.

Zoom out of the upper right frame. A train will pull up, but you won't be able to board click. Click to the right of the train door (circled below).

You'll see a coin slot. To board the train, you need to pay a toll. And that means you need a coin.

To acquire a coin, zoom out from the lower right frame. Then, zoom in on the calendar in the lower left frame (circled below)

If you zoom in closely enough, you'll end up with a picture of a ring on a blank, white background.

And now, you can make the coin. Drag the lower left frame over to the lower right frame. It will cover the entire scene except for the man's face.

And now, you have a coin.

All you need to do now is drag it and drop it into the coin slot.

The boy will board the train and be on the next step of his adventure.

From this point onwards, the challenges are difficult, but they're nothing you haven't seen before. You'll just have to apply the concepts you've already learned in new combinations.

Gorogoa is currently available on PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. And if you haven't played it yet, give it a chance. The game is filled with many more inventive puzzles, just like the ones above.