Watch: Cloud9 and other pro teams discuss the long journey to the top

9 months ago by Stephen Takowsky

Amazon's Mobile Masters in Las Vegas showcased some pretty notable esports talents. So we talked to them.

Zam Network recently caught up with a few of the pro teams at the Amazon Mobile Masters tournament in Las Vegas. This year's tournament was held October 14th-15th at the Millennial Esports Arena, with players coming from across the world to compete for a share of a $70,000 prize pool. This year featured World of Tanks Blitz (winner: HateUSMore), Vainglory (Team SoloMid), and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (Jeremy "DunkSB412" Schillaci).

Above, we sit down with five of the pro teams who competed in the tournament: Cloud9, Rogue, Eclipse, Purple Cobras, and Pramo. We asked them about their training regimens, sage words of advice for aspiring pro players, and the road to Mobile Masters.