There has never been a better bundle than the Good Bundle

Gearing up for Steam Sale? Save a few bucks for this awesome game-packed charity bundle.

November is always a rough time, but this November in particular has got a lot of people very, very down. Many folks are looking for ways to channel that despair toward something positive, or to support those who need it most. That's the rational behind the Good Bundle.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it: game bundles as a marketing tactic are overplayed and of dubious financial benefit for the developers who lend their games to them. But this bundle is entirely for charity, with 100% of proceeds going toward two much-needed non-profits: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood. Proceeds will be split evenly to both groups, and as of current writing the Good Bundle has raised over $50,000. In just 24 hours!

But what is in the Good Bundle, you ask? An awful lot, actually! There are a total number of 151 games in the bundle, with the majority of those available for as little as a $2 donation. Some of the higher-end items include celebrated indies Sokobond, Catlateral Damage, Proteus, Read Only Memories, and a personal favorite of mine, IndieCade nominee Killing Time at Lightspeed.

So in today's rush to grab some deals on Steam's regular Black Friday Steam Sale, be sure to take a few minutes to check out the Good Bundle, grab some great indie games and support some worthy organizations!

I couldn't possibly list all of the bundled games here without seriously stretching out the page, so instead allow me to list off some highlights!

  • At $2 or more:
    • The Temple of No
    • This Is Fine
    • Find Me a Good One
    • The Easter Money
    • In the Court of the Yellow King
    • Night in the Woods bonus episodes:
      • Lost Constellation
      • Longest Night
  • At $8 or more:
    • Strawberry Cubes
    • Windosill
    • Bhaloidam
    • Death Ray Manta
    • Lieve Oma
  • At $20 or more:
    • Proteus
    • Sokobond
    • Curtain
    • Killing Time at Lightspeed
    • Four Sided Fantasy
    • Catlateral Damage
    • Gone Home
    • Panoramical
    • The Novelist
    • Read Only Memories

Again, that's a partial list. Head on over to the bundle page to see them all! The Good Bundle's offer will run until November 29th.

Disclosure: I served as a consultant for Read Only Memories and was a Kickstarter backer on both Bhaloidam and Night in the Woods. I was not involved in the curation of this bundle and I don't earn anything from its success (I mean, I wouldn't anyway, but especially in this case).