Another day, another Pokemon Sun and Moon video

Final evolutions for starters, and more, revealed

As we near Pokemon Sun and Moon's November 18th release date, the Pokemon Company is going whole hog on the teaser videos, confirming the long-rumored final evolutions for Sun and Moon's three starter Pokemon as well as new Alolan guardian deities and variant forms.

Much of this was already leaked by enterprising dataminers who discovered the recently-released demo contained a wealth of hidden data. One of the more disappointing finds was the Alolan variant of Persian, evolution of Meowth, who looks like goddamn purple Garfield of all things.

However, everyone's biggest fear -- that Litten's final evolution, Incineroar, would be a Fire/Fighting type -- turned out unrealized. Incineroar is Fire/Dark! The Pokedex also describes the buff critter as the "heel Pokemon," heel being a term for the "bad guy" in professional wrestling. There's also a "face Pokemon" (Glalie) and a luchador Pokemon (Hawlucha) so expect way more wrestling jokes and interludes like this going forward.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the latest video, however, is the revelation that protagonists Red and Green (Blue, in the localization) from the original Pokemon games would make an appearance, all grown up and still dressing like a pair of teens. Be careful who you call ugly in middle school, indeed.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS. Those who download and complete the demo will get a special edition Greninja imported to the full game.